My name is Paul Goundry and I've been working in Learning and Development for two decades.

I started as a consultant working with dozens of large organisations, helping them deliver award-winning blended training programmes making the most of Learning Technology. For the last decade have worked as Head of L&D in full time roles where I have been able to transform whole training functions.

Some awards I've earned

Here's some of the awards I've won with my design work.

Best Blended Learning Programme

I won a Gold award for a blended programme that utilised scenario e-learning, virtual worlds and augmented reality in the classroom.

Best use of Learning Technologies

I won a Silver award from Brandon Hall transforming how British Airways approached Leadership Development and Organisation Change.

Best blended programme

I also won another award for the British Airways Leadership Development and Organisation Change programme.

Some companies I've worked with

Here's a selection of some of the companies I've worked with.

Virgin Media

Transformed L&D function, implemented Learning Technology team, cut speed to competence for new starters.

British Airways

Delivered 74% culture change programme through innovative series of blended learning and team-based activities.

Ministry of Defence

Saved tens of thousands in delivery costs through the use of innovative technology enabled training for the special forces.


Saved millions to drive operational excellence across BP internationally through a blend of learning technologies.


Drove sales performance by 54% at Volvo dealerships through sales support technologies.

Utility Warehouse

Transformed the L&D function through use accelerated learning events, online learning and performance support tools.

What I can do for you

Here's a summary of what I can do for you.

Analyse your needs

I can help you identify if blended learning is right for your business, where your L&D team is at aright now, and what is required to deliver award-winning Learnig Technologies.

Learning Technology Strategy

Learning Technology comes in all shapes and sizes and need to be appropriate for your business and L&D capabilities. I can help you determine how what Learning Technology strategy is right for you.

Implement the right tools

I can help you select and implement the right tools and providers to deliver your Learning Technology strategy. From an LMS, e-learning authoring tools to performance support technologies.

Evaluation strategy

I can help you identify the best way to evaluate the investment you make in Learning Technology.

Manage the change

I can help help you implement a change to your L&D team to make best use of Learning Technology through a bespoke change programme that guarantees success.

Upskill your team

I can upskill your L&D team with e-learning design, content creation, LMS administration and even programming skills to be able to continue to grow your e-learning capability.