transforming organisation culture

Transformed culture by 74% in just 1 year with innovative blend of training and operational activities

The problem

The leadership at British Airways were at logger heads, and even resorting to verbal abuse to settle disputes. BA wanted to help leaders understand the psychological factors that were affecting their behaviours, and through this understanding reflect on what they would need to change to improve working relationships.

What was needed from a blended solution

Leaders across the business needed to fully understand the basis of behavioural psychology and how that underpins their behaviours and working relationships. They would use this understanding to then undertake a series of operational activities over 12 months where they helped shape the organisation structure and working processes.

Impact I had

The programme was measured using Brinkerhoff's Success Case Methodology which concluded that a 74% shift in the organisation culture had been achieved in just a 12 month period. The shift was measured in terms of behaviours demonstrated in the business and the quality of working relationships after the change.

We were in a pretty desperate place. Relationships amongst the leadership had all but fallen apart. We knew that change had to come from the same people, and this transformational programme allowed them to see for the first time what was really going on. An exciting, innovative and transformational programme.

Head of Leadership Development, British Airways

What I delivered

Watch the video below to get an idea of what this programme was made up of.