Reduced the cost of induction by 90% and doubled speed to competence

making use of learning technologies to
help thousands of new starters

The problem

Induction at Virgin Media was both too expensive and too time consuming for key members of the management team, plus the experience was largely presentational with new starters sitting in training rooms for hours at a time. Evaluation showed that as little as 10% of what was being taught was being retained and the employee experience was rated very low with employee satisfaction score of just 15%.

Programme goals

A new approach was needed that would dramatically reduce the time taken, cost of delivery and level of information retained.

Impact of the new solution

The new programme removed the need for 90% of the classroom training time, freeing up trainer resources as well as management time. Employees were able to retain all of what they needed because the solution leveraged just-in-time support tools so they could find the required information when they needed it, rather than try to remember it weeks in advance of needing to know. Overall employee satisfaction rose to 85%.

The blended use of learning resources and induction portals not only saved us a lot of time and money, it opened our eyes to the possibility of training in different ways.

Executive Director, People, Virgin Media

What I delivered

The following video outlines the blended approach I implemented at Virgin Media.